OD&D Campaign

Log For Session #2

In which battles are fought and dangers are overcome, but not without consequence.

Labyrinth Lord © 2009, Daniel Proctor
Labyrinth Lord™ is a trademark of Daniel Proctor

Labyrinth Lord © 2009, Daniel Proctor
Labyrinth Lord™ is a trademark of Daniel Proctor
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Malcolm Crunkfeather
‘t—nk’ connected
LL: Observe the rat, goblins and wolf!
LL: Enjoy them
Alphonse the Beleaguered: is it too late to parlay?
‘Trikotomy’ connected
LL: They are attacking! You can shout things and hope they shout back in common if you want.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: this has no d30
Alphonse the Beleaguered: what gives
LL: no..
LL: you can code a custom die into the ruleset
LL: they are coded into the ruleset! but since nothing uses d30s
Obed Weir: d30s are the Devil’s work
‘wastrel’ connected
Alphonse the Beleaguered: we used to have that d30 book with 30 tables for using d30s
Alphonse the Beleaguered: we used the critical hit table a lot
‘Capt. Drij’ connected
Alphonse the Beleaguered: my char lost his nose cuz of that book :(
Tessa: Shame about that.
LL: :(
Obed Weir: you could get a gold prosthetic
Alphonse the Beleaguered: maybe if I found one in a treasure horde
Silas: They’re pricey. Better to find than buy.
Obed Weir: Mordenkainen’s Golden Nose
Obed Weir: no wait
Obed Weir: Nose of Vecna
Tessa: Foul!
Silas: Hey, someone else showed up.
Silas: One to go.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: what’s humpty hump’s challenge rating ?
Obed Weir: Silas, are you half dead right now?
Silas: Oh yeah.
LL: okay there is some confusion!
Obed Weir: noted
Ambrose: I’m always confused.
LL: the main character sheet does not have a wounds box, but the mini-character sheet does.
Silas: Gotta fix how it displays on mine.
LL: so on your character sheet, click on the ‘Mini’ link!
LL: it’ll have your total HP and a box for wounds
LL: so you can track how much damage you’ve taken
Silas: I lost 3 out of 5 hp.
Obed Weir: yeesh
Ambrose: Take a nap.
Obed Weir: 0 dead in this one, right?
Obed Weir: is dead
Silas: That always works out well in battle.
‘teriyaki’ connected
Tessa: I’ve been going under that assumption.
Kujaka: Half of all battle participation ends in naps
Silas: That’s the best part.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: casts flash elf boobs
LL: Hey everyone is here
Annabelle Crunkfeather: its super effective!
You’ve just found the cave where the goblins seem to have taken Alrik, and immediately upon arrival, goblin guards and a wolf attacked! Then a rat showed up! Hooray! We commence todays session ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE!
Tessa: :O
Ambrose: Oh, rats.
A second giant rat scuries out of the cavern and joins the other attacking Billy.
Silas: Rats rats everywhere.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: giant rat #2 smells funny
It misses!
Tessa: I have lousy AC.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: yeah it does
/die [NdN] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
Kujaka sniffs rat
The Wolf jumps at Tessa, biting at her ferociously! It manages to almost get a hold of her arm for a moment, causing 4 points of damage.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: I hope we have a cleri
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Tessa: >_<
Whoops, it’s Annabelles turn.
Obed Weir: You have me.
Tessa: I think we have two, though I’m not sure who the second is.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: slings a huge rock at smelly rat #2!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: me
The Wolf: Okay
Silas: Thanks.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: :(
LL: Are spell descriptions not coming up for anyone?
Annabelle Crunkfeather: nope
Alphonse the Beleaguered: they are not working
Ambrose: I can see them
LL: Were they before?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i dunno
Annabelle Crunkfeather: my spells i entered are still there, the desc is just gone
Alphonse the Beleaguered: well the little window does come up with class/level etc
Alphonse the Beleaguered: but then it says click to enter description and that does nothing
LL: ok alphonse
LL: check your detect magic one again
LL: just that one
LL: are you seeing a desc now
Alphonse the Beleaguered: what should it say
LL: the description?
LL: is it blank?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: it has the 5 spell stats, those are filled in, but no paragraph of text explaining the spell
LL: ok
LL: close it
LL: and open it again
Alphonse the Beleaguered: same thing
Annabelle Crunkfeather: no, but not a big deal
LL: the ruleset is so bugged
LL: buh
LL: can you bring up the reference document in the library?
LL: if you go in there, find your spell in the spell list, and drag it to your book again
LL: does it work then?
Obed Weir: yes
LL: because i am seeing the blank ones
LL: and i am seeing if i replace them
LL: they appear to work fine on my end
LL: all of ambrose’s spells come up with full descriptions
Annabelle Crunkfeather: well, we can see them in the game guide
Annabelle Crunkfeather: so alls good
LL: Yeah
LL: I plan on rebuilding the system document anyhow. I’ve already started.
LL: it’s not very good
Alphonse the Beleaguered: 0
LL: Okay it is Annabelles turn. She uh.. moved. And was there a sling involved?
LL: And you missed!
LL: Okay!
Obed Weir: I want a piece of wolfy
Kujaka: er, I do :P
/die [NdN] [message]
/vote [message]
/ooc [message]
/emote [message]
/mood [mood] [message]
/mood ([multiword mood]) [message]
/story [message]
/identity [name]
/whisper [character] [message]
/export [module_filename] [description]
LL: That is a miss :(
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i will flail heavily on this enemy
Alphonse the Beleaguered: that better hit
Silas: Silas.
LL: Yes that hits!
LL: sorry for the delay
Alphonse the Beleaguered: hooray!
LL: The goblin falls!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: !
Alphonse the Beleaguered: take that
Malcolm Crunkfeather: ugh goblin blood
Goblin emerges from the cave, sling in hand! It flings a stone at Ambrose!
Ambrose: I thought the rats were smelly
Ambrose: Hey!
Kujaka licks
Goblin ’s sling stone misses, disappearing into the bushes behind him.
Goblin: behind Ambrose

Obed Weir
Silas: Adventures are messy business.
Obed Weir: Cure light on Silas
LL: ok
Silas: Thanks, Obed!
Obed Weir: Take comfort in the King’s service.
Silas: Don’t we all.
Obed Weir: Yes!
Silas: Throws another dart at the wolf
LL: ok
The Wolf dodges the dart deftly!
Silas: hopes he didn’t throw so bad he hit another player
Billy Pigbottom: more goblins!
Goblin emerges from the cave entrance, sling at the ready! Another rock flies towards Ambrose
Annabelle Crunkfeather: so stinky
Goblin ‘s sling bullet hits Ambrose for 2 damage!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: Hey goblin, don’t you know how to bathe?
Kujaka sniffs
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ambrose what ar eyou at?
Obed Weir: Mere beasts are ignorant of the things of men.
Silas: Not taught at Goblin Academy.
Ambrose: 4, from 6
Tessa: Men and their things.
Goblin rushes out of the cavern and rushes Malcolm with a short spear!
Billy Pigbottom starts singing
Goblin misses!
Obed Weir raises an eyebrow
Goblin: ok
LL: Miss!
Tessa: >:(
Ambrose: I shall cast sleep in the general direction of those 3 smelly goblins
Silas: Serves ‘em right.
Kujaka: See? Battle naps.
Silas: Like a charm.
Kujaka: Heh.
Tessa: Fortunately casting sleep doesn’t restore hp like regular sleep.
Silas: That’d be a trade-off.
LL: Okay
LL: All four of the goblins, the wolf, and both giant rats fall over asleep. Unfortunately, so do Kujaka, Malcolm and Tessa.
Billy Pigbottom: HA
Ambrose: Hooray!
Tessa: Zzzzz.
Kujaka: Hey guys I feel… whump
Ambrose: I’m so jealous now
Silas: All for sleep and sleep for all.
Billy Pigbottom
Well, all the goblins are out. We dont need to run round by round.
You can wake sleeping party members by shaking them, by the way.
Billy Pigbottom slaughters the giant rat with gusto!
Billy Pigbottom: sword style
Silas: Revenge on the wolf!
Billy Pigbottom: do I hav to roll to hit a sleeping rat?
LL: No
LL: You can elect to off em all in their sleep if you want.
Tessa: We won!
Billy Pigbottom: oh ok
Billy Pigbottom: VICTORY
Billy Pigbottom victory dance
Billy Pigbottom looks for shiny things
Alphonse the Beleaguered: emote gathers up sling bullets
Tessa: Sleep is made of win.
Obed Weir approaches the nearest sleeping goblin
Alphonse the Beleaguered: woops
Alphonse the Beleaguered mistypes /emote
Malcolm Crunkfeather: I have to go to the little elf’s room
Obed Weir: You would presume to rob this land of its very children?
Obed Weir lets his mace fall to the ground with a dull thud
After taking out the goblins, you notice the faint flicker of firelight from inside the cave.
Silas: Oh my.
Obed Weir: The child is ours, beast.
Obed Weir brings his weapon down on the goblin’s face
Tessa: Ouch.
Someone searched these guys, right? You found 63 CP, 12 SP, 6 slings, 22 sling bullets, 5 unusable rusty short swords and a broken short spear.
Obed Weir: The kingdom of men prevails.
LL: I made a public note called Party Loot
Alphonse the Beleaguered: yes
Silas: They must have Alrik inside.
LL: you can list that stuff in there
Alphonse the Beleaguered: I said I did
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i gather sling bullets, billy looked for shiny things
Tessa: Doesn’t it always.
LL: If you click notes, can you all see the party treasure note?
Tessa: I can.
LL: Great
LL: i’d suggest just tossing gold and non-readily usable treasures there for later divvying
Alphonse the Beleaguered: yes
Silas: Good idea.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: does anyone have a sling besides me?
Obed Weir kicks Kujaka awake
LL: i elect Alphonse to record all party loot in the Party Treasure note!
Tessa: Liked that a bit too much.
Kujaka: snehrgk…. wha?
Tessa: Sure!
Silas: I’ll keep all our stuff… Truuust meee…
Obed Weir regards Silas harshly
LL: Great :)
Alphonse the Beleaguered: what happened
LL: You are elected party treasurer!
Silas: … or not.
LL: You maintain the party treasure note with the valuables found :)
Tessa: Congrats!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: sorry, i was dropping elf pellets what happen
Tessa: You’re paid the same, increased responsibility.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i cna’t edit that doc
LL: What!
LL: Really?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i cna add new notes
Alphonse the Beleaguered: but not edit that one
LL: ok
LL: that is crazy
LL: i cant edit that note either!
Tessa: Huh.
Ambrose: What a cruel fate
Alphonse the Beleaguered: no treasure :(
LL: Wow!
LL: All you can do is make new notes
Silas: Imagine that.
LL: and uh thats it
LL: you cant edit old notes
Alphonse the Beleaguered: on the pus side, this makes my job wicked easy
Tessa: So it seems.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i will manage this note to the death!
LL: Well thats silly.
Tessa: Innit.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i can add a note for each treasure item
LL: There!
LL: We’ll do it as a story note, everyone can edit this
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok
Silas: Cool.
LL: If you dont want it on screen all the time, you can right click and minimize.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: how do i edit it
LL: you should be able to just click and edit
Malcolm Crunkfeather: noop
LL: well
LL: this is dumb
Tessa: Me either.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: nope
Malcolm Crunkfeather: wait who is speaking what is going on. that sleep spell is making me converse with a strange being with no body
LL: How about this one
LL: Can you edit this?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: nope
LL: okay thats funny
Silas: That’s the word.
LL: well alphonse i suggest putting it on your character sheet, in notes.
LL: :)
Alphonse the Beleaguered: then nobody else can see it
LL: I can
Alphonse the Beleaguered: also, how do I scroll this chat window?
LL: page up and down
Alphonse the Beleaguered: hah
LL: 63 CP and 12 SP is what you found
LL: and now you’re ready to brave the dungeon in search of the missing child!!
Obed Weir: We should find Alrik before further indulging our greed.
Tessa: How monastic, I approve.
Silas: Yes…
Alphonse the Beleaguered: hm
Ambrose: Watch out for the giant hand
Alphonse the Beleaguered: do we really want to carry all this junk?
Silas: :O
LL: We need to arrange ourselves in marching order!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: or just the money and bullets
LL: Yourselves.
LL: Who goes first? The cavern allows for two people to go side by side
Billy Pigbottom: Me first!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: 3rd, 4th
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i’m serious though guys do we really want 5 rusty swords?
Annabelle Crunkfeather: or we can take rear
Alphonse the Beleaguered: and a broken spear?
Silas: Not necessarily, no.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: no thanks
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok
Alphonse the Beleaguered: then they stay
Tessa: We’re unlikely to miss them.
Obed Weir: We don’t need their refuse.
Billy Pigbottom starts marching in place
Silas: So the Crunkfeathers take 2nd row after the priest and the beast.
Tessa: Since they called it.
LL: ok the wizards are all in back so a surprise from behind will take em all out
LL: alright!
LL: :D
Tessa: They’ll hit the back of my head first.
LL: Okay, we dont need to move the party around as a big group.
LL: until combat happens
Silas: Guess not.
LL: We’ll use the hand to indicate where the party is, and move the tokens to match after.
LL: So, do you head in?
Tessa: By all means yes!
Ambrose: Naturally.
Tessa: is in the back
A small circle of fairly large stones sits in the center of this room. Inside the stone circle are bloodstains and bits of rat fur. Coins are scattered on and around the stones, all copper. It looks like the goblins were gambling on the outcome of rat fights here.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: filthy beasts
Silas: Fine tradition, that.
Kujaka: Hey free rats! And money!
Billy Pigbottom starts picking up cp starting with the shiniest ones first
Tessa: I guess no one’ll object if we take the… You can have the rats.
You find 33 CP total.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: looks about the room any secret doors and such
Annabelle Crunkfeather: looks about the room any secret doors and such
Annabelle Crunkfeather: dammit
Annabelle Crunkfeather: ok both of us
LL: I will roll for these things!
LL: I already did too. And Annabelle finds a secret door on the eastern wall!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: !!
Billy Pigbottom: !
Annabelle Crunkfeather: What is this doing here
Malcolm Crunkfeather: by the smell its probably the lavatory
Billy Pigbottom: How did you find that?
Malcolm Crunkfeather: do we have a thief?
Silas: Yes me!
LL: oh yeah!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: we should make sure its not trapped
Kujaka: This is where they keep their best rats, I bet
Silas: The ones who win.
At this point we pause the current scenario and I insist everyone give a brief physical description of themselves! Starting with Tessa
LL: A brief description of anything, really.
LL: Introductions?
LL: Character name and what they do.
LL: Yeah, just like that :)
LL: Just so everyone gets a sense of who’s who
LL: oh uh
LL: Annabelle Crunkfeather? Malcolm Crunkfeather?
LL: U next
Annabelle Crunkfeather: Annabelle Crunkfeather has the appearance of a young woman with fair skin, black hair, and brown eyes. She is a Callarii Elf, but keeps her ears covered when among humans as to attract less attention. She is somewhat aloof, but good natured. Her twin brother is Malcolm. Her interests include: archery, slaying ugly monsters that threaten nature, fine wine, and bunnies.
LL: Then uh, Kujaka and Obed. And Billy and Alphonse. And also, Ambrose!!
Kujaka: I have some bunny in my pocket… somewhere…
Kujaka: The lanky, inhuman body of a large, upright hyena-monster stands before you clad in the spattered, patchwork armor of a man, with mottled tawny fur bristling between gaps in lazy stitching. Dark-rimmed, sunken yellow eyes flash with a hungry and prideful leer, while black lips pull across yellow, saw-like teeth into a ghastly, wet smile.
Kujaka swallows a rat
Annabelle Crunkfeather: Malcolm is similar, but dresses rather slovenly for an elf. He wears a wolf’s head on top of his raggedy black hair. He is interested in visiting barbarian tribes and seeing the world. Even though he professes to be a rough outdoorsman, he’s more of a bohemian at heart. Annabelle and Malcolm hail from outside Kelvin, near the western edge of the Dymrak.
Obed Weir: A middle-aged, bald, gaunt, hooded man dressed in a simple, pallid surcoat, which could be called humble but for the imposing iron medallion of a sword plunged into an anvil hanging over his chest. His stark, boney face is dour and harsh, yet turned ever upright to judge the world. His eyes gleam with intensity, fixed on some unseen thing as if trying to burn it from the ether with his gaze.
Obed Weir: Obed is an outspoken cleric of the Cult Halav
Obed Weir watches Kujaka coldly
LL: That leaves Billy, Alphonse and Ambrose!
Silas: eyes Obed nervously, inconspicuous-like
Annabelle Crunkfeather: I like to cast charm person on annoying humans and make them wash my clothes
Annabelle Crunkfeather: No really.
Alphonse the Beleaguered is a young cleric who is taking some time away from his priestly duties to do a little adventuring. One of the conditions of his leave ws that he must take along Billy with him, which he grudgingly agreed to
Obed Weir: points at Obediah inconspicuously
Billy Pigbottom is a young halfling that grew up Alphonse her whole life. She likes to run around fight things, but is a bit naive about her own mortality
Annabelle Crunkfeather: obediah who?
Ambrose: A short, garishly dressed, sexually frustrated and naive young wizard with an unhealthy interest in his own facial hair and, uh, astronomy.
LL: whioooops
LL: It is far too easy to accidentally do that. Anyhow. Now that we know eachother! Let us move ever onward
Alphonse the Beleaguered prounds around
Tessa: :O
Ambrose: Just don’t pround near me, ok?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: deal
You hear the sound of growls coming from deep in the cave… more wolves? Feral goblins? … Worse? :o
Obed Weir: This may be where they’ve hidden the boy.
Billy Pigbottom: doesn’t anyone else want to check out this SECRET door
Silas: Oh yes.
The door slides open easily, and reveals a passageway leading into darkness.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: peers inside
(Any humans need a torch or lantern from this point on)
Obed Weir strikes a torch
Billy Pigbottom: how far can I see without one?
Tessa: Lights a lantern
Just a passageway, not unused. There are scraps on the ground indicating goblins have come through here. 
I’ll roll a detect traps check any time you come across one to indicate if you found it before it triggered. Consider yourself always detecting traps.
The passageway continues a ways, ending in a door.
Obed Weir: Forward.
Obed Weir: This door should be investigated.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: it appears to be closed.
Billy Pigbottom: i hope it opens outward, otherwise we all gotta back up
Tessa: Or fall down on top of each other.
The door is wooden and simple, and unlocked. 
When you open the door to this room you’re hit with a revolting odour. The stench of fresh rot and decay overtakes you and when you look in the room you see why. Seven bodies lie in this room, each just covered with dirt. These bodies have been here for less than a day. Each one could be a goblin.. or Alrik.
Silas: Corpse examination time! Who’s on first?
Annabelle Crunkfeather: So that’s what that smell was
Billy Pigbottom: not it
Kujaka: Ok, wow. Let’s not be here anymore
Tessa: We have to make sure that none of them is Alrik, though. :/
Kujaka: If the kid’s here, it’s kinda late
Kujaka: uh, no offense
Silas: It is, but we should know…
Malcolm Crunkfeather: Cyrus the Elder once told me of coming across a burial chamber north of Theshold… the corpses all sprang to life!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: cleric can you detect undead or some such?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: possibly
Tessa: And potentially turning them, or whatever it is that you clerics do.
Kujaka: There’s lots of smelly tunnels behind us
Silas: True.
Obed Weir: Kujaka.
Kujaka shuts up
Obed Weir: If Alrik is in this forsaken place, then he must be attended to immediately
Tessa: Indeed.
Obed Weir shoves Kujaka ahead
So… do you want to check the bodies? Who’s going to?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: we are worried about undead
Alphonse the Beleaguered: and I am not sure what I can do about it
Alphonse the Beleaguered: so I am reading
Silas: We’re also worried about the plain dead, of course.
Tessa is checking a body. Obed is turning, just in case.
LL: Tessa; roll a Save vs Paralysis
Obed Weir brandishes his holy symbol defiantly
Kujaka: Did anyone bring a stick?
LL: You gag at the odour and discover the body is that of a goblin. Also, you disturb what appears to be a giant centipede!
Tessa: I got a stick. waves quarterstaff
Tessa: Looks like I’ll need it! o_o
Malcolm Crunkfeather: I have a 10’ pole
Malcolm Crunkfeather: oh welp
Ambrose: Does anyone have a newspaper?
Billy Pigbottom: kill it!
Silas: Obed, use the one you hit Kujaka with.
Tessa: I had to clean the monastery once, I think we had one of these. I had a broom.
Tessa: Nasty things.
LL: Everyone roll a D10 and add your Dex modifier
Kujaka: We should poke these things next time
Silas: Let’s keep that in mind.
Tessa: So much for turning undead.
They crawl out of the earth together! All over!
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Silas: Holy crap, there’s tons of them!
Kujaka: See!
Tessa: We should have listened to you.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: is it possible to move past all these people?
Annabelle Crunkfeather: I don’t like this secret passage anymore
Silas: Few of us do.
yeah you can just walk through people, but not bad guys
Alphonse the Beleaguered falis heavily
Alphonse the Beleaguered: flails
Kujaka: This is the worst secret ever
LL: Hit!!!
Tessa: They went to the trouble of hiding this.
Silas: We went to the trouble of finding it!
LL: Oh wait
LL: Alphonse the Beleaguered, you attacked and hit!
LL: You do damage now
‘t—nk’ disconnected
LL: O my
LL: We will wait for him to return!
Ambrose: I’m glad I’m in the back
LL: I am rolling his damage!
Alphonse hit with his flail and smashed the creature as it started to crawl out of the grave it was enjoying. The dirt on this body happened to get knocked off as well, and you see it was also a goblin.
LL: its not ambroses turn, ignore that
LL: i dunno why it did that
Ambrose: Whew.
Silas: At least this one wasn’t Alrik.
Tessa: Yecch. Gross things are gross.
A giant centipede crawls at Kujaka, diving forward to bite at him. It misses!
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Oh, that one died.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: slices at the poor misguided insectoid
Annabelle Crunkfeather: >:|
Annabelle Crunkfeather: oh i guess i have to hit
A giant centipede: Yeah, That is a hit!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: ur dead!
LL: I fixed your THAC-Table
LL: heh
Annabelle Crunkfeather: :(
Annabelle Crunkfeather: wahhhhh
A giant centipede dies! Glrgk.
Silas: Eh, at least you got it, right?
Billy Pigbottom
LL: He is rebooting.
LL: He will be back soon.
Billy Pigbottom
‘t—nk’ connected
LL: Howdy
Annabelle also took one down.
Billy Pigbottom
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ugh brb
Silas: k
LL: o ok
LL: hm.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: twiddles thumbs
LL: well
Billy Pigbottom attacks, under GM control!
Billy Pigbottom: Yaha!
Silas: My turn? >_>
LL: yes
Silas: I’m going to try to slice a centipede in half with my scimitar.
LL: Miss!
Silas: Awww.
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Annabelle Crunkfeather: smashes!
LL: !
Annabelle Crunkfeather: my rolls didnt show :(
Annabelle Crunkfeather: and i rolled a 19
Annabelle Crunkfeather: weird
Annabelle Crunkfeather: :)
LL: It showed 3
LL: was that not your attack roll?:
LL: i’m confused!
Silas: o_o
LL: 4
Annabelle Crunkfeather: sometimes my rolls dont show up, i dont know
LL: 4
LL: what was the 4!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: that was d8
LL: oh
LL: i see the silhouette now
LL: yeah
Malcolm Crunkfeather
LL: Okay!
A giant centipede attacks Silas! But misses.
Tessa: Let my staff hit this time!
A giant centipede: Smash!
A giant centipede is smashed.
Tessa: >:D
A giant centipede is missed!
Obed Weir
A giant centipede is missed!!
Obed Weir scowls
Billy Pigbottom: I am here! Attack!
A giant centipede: that does it
A giant centipede: i’m getting soda
Tessa: Now, look what you’ve done! The centipede’s getting soda.
Billy Pigbottom: it will die of indigestion
Billy Pigbottom: hooray!
Ambrose stays back, deciding to go grab a sling and some sling bullets from the goblins at the entrance when the battles over.
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Billy Pigbottom runs around to the other side and swings!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: wait
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i do that
Ambrose: Yes!
Tessa: Get ‘im!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: WHOOSH
LL: miss!
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Alphonse the Beleaguered: these shits are fast
Billy Pigbottom
Annabelle Crunkfeather: woooosh
Billy Pigbottom: :(
LL: Whoa
Silas is grabbing a muffin.
A giant centipede: HIt!
Tessa: Ahh!
A giant centipede: Ow
Silas: is me
A giant centipede: y u hit me so easily
A giant centipede is smashed
Silas: Not anymore.
Billy Pigbottom: dead centipedes don’t talk
Silas: There goes our interrogation.
Billy Pigbottom: 3 can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead centepedes!
In the scuffle of battle, dirt had been displaced all over. All of the bodies are goblins..
Billy Pigbottom: re could reanimate one
Tessa: whew
Annabelle Crunkfeather: well
Billy Pigbottom: gross
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i need a bath
Billy Pigbottom: i’m gettin out of here
Silas: Let’s.
Kujaka: Glad we found this passage, eh?
Silas: _
Malcolm Crunkfeather: looks around a bit
Obed Weir hits Kujaka in the back of the head
Tessa: Easy there.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: You find nothing while searching the room.
Silas: Not even!
‘t—nk’ disconnected
‘t—nk’ connected
Tessa: So does north or west beckon us stronger now?
Obed Weir: We should proceed west. I feel it.
Both are wooden doors, neither are locked.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: west it is
Kujaka knocks
Silas: Sure.
The door opens to a passageway that opens up into a large room to the west while also continuing northward before turning back east.
Tessa: Hmm…
Silas: Oh, not more of those things!
This large room seems to be a burial chamber. Eight graves lie here, each a small humanoid. They’re all old graves. There is a curtained off corridor on the north wall, and a steel door on the far west wall. As you step into the room, you feel the gaze of many beady eyes in the darkness and are swarmed by large black furred rodents.
Kujaka: I’m sensing a theme
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i dont like these goblsin
Malcolm Crunkfeather: something foul is at work
Kujaka: Think so?
Billy Pigbottom: swarmed?
Silas: Swarmed!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: Rats!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: big rats!
Obed Weir: We will not be bottlenecked. Advance!
Tessa: There were centipedes in this room too but the rats ATE them.
Silas: Probably killed the 8 corpses in here themselves, too
Okay, we need more initiative rolls. D10à·¬
Malcolm Crunkfeather: whoops, thats reversed for mod
Billy Pigbottom: oh woops
Billy Pigbottom: alphonse rolled for me by mistake
Ambrose: Okay
Ambrose: WHoops.
LL: Okay :)
Malcolm Crunkfeather: he’s possessed!
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Annabelle Crunkfeather: i dont want to go in there
Tessa: Let’s exorcise him!
Nobody is surprised! The rats all look pretty hungry though.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: why dont we just close the door
Alphonse the Beleaguered: now would be a good time for a nap
Silas: Hey, can anyone cast sleep on fuckload of rats?
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i can
Ambrose already did on a handful of goblins and a wolf!
Ambrose: Sadly no
Kujaka: would you?
LL: oh hi!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: if everybody gets out of the way!
Tessa: You can wake adventurers up after we kill the rats, though.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: slings a nicely smoothed stone at the closest rat
Annabelle Crunkfeather: !@#$
LL: Yeah.
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Billy Pigbottom: so is that to say I shouldn’t rush in? :)
Silas: Do you have any distance attacks?
Alphonse the Beleaguered slings at one from the entryway
Tessa: Well there you go. :)
Alphonse the Beleaguered: #6
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i hit the ceiling
Ambrose: I sling as well
LL: I’ll say you aim for #6 also, if you hold your cursor over the rats on the map, each one is #‘d! just for targetting.
LL: and you hit!
LL: ssling does d4
Billy Pigbottom: show off
Ambrose: Pew
Silas: Heh.
A giant rat is hit!
A giant rat stops looking hungry.
Obed Weir
A giant rat: Yeah
LL: Do you know when until?
LL: The sleep spell?
LL: okay
A giant rat bites at Annabelle Crunkfeather but misses
Kujaka: y’know I like rats and all but this is kind much
A giant rat bites Annabelle Crunkfeather and hits! Doing 1 damage.
Silas: Too much is too much.
A giant rat bites at Annabelle Crunkfeather but misses!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: AHHHHHHHHHHH
A giant rat bites at Kujaka
Annabelle Crunkfeather: GROSS
A giant rat misses!
Ambrose: Are you wearing rat pheremone perfume?
Kujaka: oh you little…
Tessa: We’ll have to clean that up.
Kujaka: you’re so eaten
A giant rat bites at Obed Weir and …
A giant rat misses!
Silas: I throw a dart at #4.
A giant rat is hit!
A giant rat dies!
Silas: dart pins rat to the ground
A giant rat attacks Kujaka and misses!
A giant rat attacks Annabelle Crunkfeather and..
A giant rat misses
Kujaka: you okay Crunky?
A giant rat attacks Obed Weir!
A giant rat misses!
Silas: At least they’re not all that accurate most of the time.
LL: miss
Tessa: I’m also going to throw a dart at #7.
LL: ok
LL: miss!
A giant rat scurries about!
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Tessa: Damn!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: ehhh
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i dunno if sleep is such a good idea now
Malcolm Crunkfeather: r;;
Tessa: As long as one of us is awake, he call kill the rats and wake everyone else.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: well theres those other two
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i guess the range works.. its 120 ft radius isnt it?
Kujaka: I like sleeping
Silas: It’s a slice of death.
A giant rat: it’s basically everyone near a target point under the random HD value rolled
LL: i will roll 2d8, thats how many HD are affected, i then pick the closest people starting from the target point
Silas: Oh crap the other two rats.
Tessa: Didn’t consider those.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: guys should i target rat on northwest corner then?
Silas: If you can, I would.
Tessa: This is more tactical than anticipated.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: casts magically sleep spell
Ambrose: Zzzz…
LL: Okay.
Most of the rats fall asleep, as does Annabelle Crunkfeather. The rat on the wall nearest to Obed remains, as does the one in the far south.
Billy Pigbottom
Billy Pigbottom slaughters sleeping rats! RAA!
LL: oKay.
Obed Weir
Billy Pigbottom: oh
Silas: Someone has to.
LL: hes been holding his turn! i forgot
LL: Yeah
LL: missed!
A giant rat scurries away into a hole that perhaps Billy could fit in to, if she wanted to chase it, but probably wouldn’t.
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Alphonse the Beleaguered
A giant rat: There we go
A giant rat #5 remains, looking like it’s about to try fleeing as well.
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Alphonse the Beleaguered stand by and allows Billy to have her fun smooshing rats
A giant rat: Just the one rat left
Ambrose: Well, that gives me a poor selection of targets
Ambrose: I will sling at him
A giant rat: OKa
A giant rat: You hit!
A giant rat dies!
Silas: Take that, rats!
Kujaka steps on rats
Annabelle Crunkfeather: we should check these bodies
These graves are old.
This large room seems to be a burial chamber. Eight graves lie here, each a small humanoid. They’re all old graves. There is a curtained off corridor on the north wall, and a steel door on the far west wall.
Tessa: Unlike the previous ones.
Alphonse the Beleaguered checks his body (lookin nice)
Silas: Heh.
Tessa: Do we want to beat our heads against the steel door, or pull back the curtain?
Ambrose: The curtain sounds safer
Alphonse the Beleaguered: I once met a wizard who taught me it is always wise to check behind the curtain
Annabelle Crunkfeather: lets check that passage north
Ambrose: Softer, squishier
Annabelle Crunkfeather: and see if there is anything else there
Behind the curtain lies a forty foot corridor ending in a dead end. Leaning on the far wall is a shovel. A fairly nice shovel, at that.
Kujaka: Hey, free shovels
Tessa: It’s full of free stuff in here.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: dig it
Kujaka: anyone?
Ambrose: I already have a shovel.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: what’s kind of damage does a shovel do?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: is it 2 handed?
LL: I’d say d6.
Silas: Like a staff.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: probably?
LL: no one handed
LL: just like a spear!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ah
LL: 1d6-1!
LL: in fact
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i don’t really want a shovel
LL: so you could do 0 damage with it
Alphonse the Beleaguered: but I’ll take it if you guys think we should
Silas: I guess we all have weapons.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i am going to gather up any stray sling bullets from the previous room
Tessa: Depends on whether we’d want to dig up anything or not.
LL: 10 of those bullets were given to Ambrose, Alphonse.
Kujaka: It’s part of our destiny or something, right boss?
LL: So there are 12 left.
Obed Weir glares
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok
The steel door is locked.
Billy Pigbottom: This room is boring, what’s over here!
Billy Pigbottom tugs
Kujaka: takes fine shovel
Silas: Yours if you want.
LL: Yes
Malcolm Crunkfeather: ok lets take a look then
LL: You pick the lock!!!!!
LL: with me rolling a 16% percentile!
You open the door and see that beyond it lies another small room, its floor is covered in small stones and bits of metal. The walls appear to be polished clean here and you see no dust or cobwebs.
LL: (There are no bones.)
Billy Pigbottom: is the metal shiny?
Billy Pigbottom looks
Kujaka: No rats!
Kujaka: I feel cheated
Malcolm Crunkfeather: what is that
Billy Pigbottom: gelatinous cube!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: ack
Ambrose: Yay jello!
LL: You walked right into a large nearly transparent cube of some gelatinous material. IT’s sticky,warm, and burning.
Kujaka: oh. okay. close the door.
LL: Silas, you take 4 damage.
Billy Pigbottom: YIKES
Silas: Eww!
Billy Pigbottom stabs it
LL: Make a save vs Paralyzation
Malcolm Crunkfeather: need fire
Obed Weir brandishes his torch
Silas: Ahhh!
LL: you are paralyzed!
Obed Weir: Alphonse, tend to him
LL: o no
LL: now we need to make another set of initiative rolls
LL: and SPEED IS THE KEY, silas is about to die
Obed Weir: Bily, drag him out of there
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i have no fire weapons
Malcolm Crunkfeather: wait i have oil
Alphonse the Beleaguered: :(
Silas: Oh well, so much for me. ._.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i’ll just take my time over here…. no hurry
Obed Weir: hey, I got oil too
Kujaka: er, I do
LL: initiatives again, d10ç—¬ modifier
LL: And Ambrose.
LL: great
Ambrose: Whoops.
Silas: I’ll let the gnoll do it! Whatever they got.
LL: You can, but you have to make a strength check. (roll a d20 and try to get under your Str)
LL: Oh my, you don’t manage to pull him away now you’re standing there with him.
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Kujaka: come on buddy let’s…ooh, you’re heavy
Alphonse the Beleaguered: can I get in there?
Kujaka: all you, Billy
LL: no.. you can delay your movement until Billy is out of the way if you want, but you can’t really get in the mess. The passageway is a little narrower than normal.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok
Alphonse the Beleaguered: Billy! get out of the way!
LL: You can fire a missile weapon, if you want.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: sling the cube?
LL: yeah
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok, though that doesn’t seem very effective
Ambrose: Nor was it
LL: Not when you hit the wall :(
Alphonse the Beleaguered: i hit the ceiling
LL: You are.. uh.. paralyzed.
Obed Weir
Silas: tries to speak but is muffled HRM-HMM-HRRR!
Ambrose: This is terribly awkward
Tessa: That’s the word.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: best to pull wounded out, close door, prepare flaming oil throw close door
Tessa: I have to settle for throwing a dart at the cube.
LL: hit
Gelatinous cube quivers
Gelatinous cube: (It looks like it did not like that one bit)
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Tessa: Eat dart!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: is there room for met to fire my bow without hitting anyone?
Annabelle Crunkfeather: er
Gelatinous cube: yes
Malcolm Crunkfeather: she means me
Kujaka: Okay, so secret and locked doors – there for a reason
Alphonse the Beleaguered: blink
Silas: tries to say “your point is well-taken”! HM-RMNT-REH-RNT!
Gelatinous cube: are you attacking?
Gelatinous cube quivers more
Malcolm Crunkfeather: yes if i can
Gelatinous cube: yes
Gelatinous cube: miss!
Malcolm Crunkfeather: i am a terrible archer
Malcolm Crunkfeather: I hit the corner or something
Gelatinous cube quivers gelatinously.
Ambrose: Can I sling from here without killing everyone in my path?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: you only hit people if you stumble
Gelatinous cube: Yes
Ambrose: Oh good, I’ll try not to stumble
Gelatinous cube: you hit!!!
Gelatinous cube quivers irritatedly.
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Malcolm Crunkfeather: whoops
Gelatinous cube quivers gelatinously.
Tessa: There it goes again.
Billy Pigbottom
Ambrose: I wonder if it’s just quivering because there’s a breeze
Billy Pigbottom moves out of the way
LL: Going to attack too?
Billy Pigbottom: yes
Billy Pigbottom: crossbow action!
Gelatinous cube quivers irritatedly!
Billy Pigbottom: hah
Gelatinous cube: i’m confused
Billy Pigbottom: i think that was the wrong damage die
Gelatinous cube: whats the from?
Gelatinous cube: you have to hit!
Billy Pigbottom: oh right
Gelatinous cube: hehe
Billy Pigbottom: nm
Gelatinous cube: it’s ok, you hit either way
Obed Weir
Billy Pigbottom: and I did a damage
Tessa: I could try, when it’ll be my turn, now that there’s room.
Gelatinous cube: Yes!
Tessa: You can try to heal him even if you can’t drag him, though.
Tessa: Cleric him up.
Tessa: Ahh, I see.
Tessa: Can Alphonse heal Silas on his turn?
Gelatinous cube: so you’re going to try to drag silas out? you need to roll a d20 and get under your str
Gelatinous cube: kujaka goes before and can move
Gelatinous cube: he’s not stuck, he just got stuck that round
Tessa: Ahhh.
Silas: struggles to speak!
LL: right after kujaka
LL: So you’re in there now too?
LL absorbs Silas into it.
Gelatinous cube absorbs Silas into it.
Kujaka: oooooookaaaay.
Tessa: Silas, NOOOO!
Annabelle Crunkfeather: what a terrible creature
Tessa: Damn thiiiing!
Alphonse the Beleaguered
Tessa: >:(
Alphonse the Beleaguered: NO
Alphonse the Beleaguered: boo
Alphonse the Beleaguered: are you paralyzed
LL: nobody is paralyzed..
LL: they just weren’t able to drag Silas out, and got stuck there trying to do so
Silas: I shall go on to become an undead thief. I’ll steal from the dead to give to the living.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: you are stuck?
Silas: Or vice-versa.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: do I need to pull you out?
Alphonse the Beleaguered: ok, then I sling away!
LL: nope, everyone is free, except silas. who is lost
Tessa: We didn’t even kill the cube!
LL: hit!
Alphonse the Beleaguered: d4?
LL: Yes
Silas: is dead
Tessa: swings staff in wide arc right at cube at full force
LL: Ok
LL: hit
Gelatinous cube quivers even more irritatedly.
Tessa: grits teeth
Malcolm Crunkfeather
Malcolm Crunkfeather: are we backing out?
Obed Weir: Tessa! Pull back!
LL: Everyone has been attacking.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: maybe its a good time to douse the thing in oil alread
LL: It has been shrinking as it has been being damaged!
LL: It is now fairly small
Malcolm Crunkfeather: oh
LL: That’s why I keep shrinking the icon! I shoulda said. It’s pretty neat.
Malcolm Crunkfeather: :(
LL: You hit the curtain behind you.
Ambrose: Well, I sure hope I can hit it still
LL: You do!
Ambrose: Grr.
Gelatinous cube quivers a bit!
Annabelle Crunkfeather
Gelatinous cube: ok
Annabelle Crunkfeather: no me
Gelatinous cube quivers, as it is hit!
Gelatinous cube turns into a small amount of green liquid which stains the floor…
Tessa: Die, cube!
LL: Goblins, a wolf, gross bugs, lots of rats and a gelatinous cube later…
Annabelle Crunkfeather: if we run into one of those again, lets back up use FIRE
Tessa: That’s what we should’ve done in the first place.
LL: Here is the dungeon you’ve mapped out so far.
LL: I’ll calculate XP later, and you’ll get it then! It’ll be a good time. I think this is gonna be it for tonight.
Obed Weir: Silas… has been lost to us. But grieve him not. Instead honor his service to the King, as a true warrior of the Traldar.
Tessa: mutters Oh shut up.
LL: I’ll give you XP at the start of next session, as the new NPC won’t have gotten it.
LL: Err New PC
LL: :)
LL: So, thanks for playin’!! Someday, Alrik may just be found.
Annabelle Crunkfeather: that darn kid
‘teriyaki’ disconnected
Tessa: You know I really liked Silas better than him.
Alphonse the Beleaguered: later



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